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THE PARTY, Stockholm 1999. CD and political manifesto (Firework Edition Records 1024). In conjunction with the project/exhibition PARTIET, 1994

With this proposal for a party platform we took part as a registrated political party PARTIET (The Party) in the Swedish General Election 1994

”The Swedish extravaganza Firework Edition keep surprising with their releases, which seem to come as trios now. And of course there is a new CD by Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg. A spoken word intro about what could be changed to make the world more beautiful for everybody living in it, the sound of Elggren and Liljenberg shaving and dressing for the election day (or at least: this is what it sound like, they might be engaged in a totally different action) takes up the rest of the 55 minutes. Drony, distorted rumblings on some kind, some static or changing the crackles: there is not much difference between this CD and others by the two (or solo). The concept flipping through read like the best of existing ideologies combined with the usual Elggren/Liljenberg topics, such as getting paid for sleeping.” (Vital Weekly no. 220; The Party 2000)