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Street Corner Talking




STREET CORNER TALKING (SCT) was a variable text- and light installation created by the artists Thomas Liljenberg in collaboration with Bo Samuelsson. The piece consisted of a 16 x 4.5 metre long large glass wall that covered the entire corner of Kista Galleria facing out towards Jan Stenbecks torg. The project started in 2009 and ended in 2014.

Visually SCT was based on the interplay between text and light. The glass wall facing the square was covered with a replaceable film with cut out text. In the space between the glass surface and the inner wall was an installation of 300 LED lights creating a shifting play of lights where the text appeared shining in different colors. The texts and the film was continually updated in collaboration with citizens and local organizations, and thereby creating a constantly current and ongoing work. The process of connecting other players to the work was a central part of SCT’s artistic, theoretical and social motif. Participants was recruited through workshops within the project KAC (kistaartcity), initiated by Thomas Liljenberg and Bo Samuelsson. A total of seven different updates were carried out between the years 2010-14.

The title Street Corner Talking referred to the work as an ongoing interactive discussion – but also to its actual location in the corner of Kista Galleria facing out toward Jan Stenbecks Torg. A location involved in a dynamic urban development process which includes the formation of centers, infrastructure, businesses and residence.


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