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Serial aktion



Performance and installation, in connection with 48 HOURS OF CONSTANT WORK, at Gallery Mors Mössa, Gothenburg 1982.

During the 48 hours that the performance lasted the artist marked his presence in time and space by firing three pistol shots at three targets at three given points in time (at 0 hours, at 24 hours and at 48 hours). The sound of these shots and all other sounds in the gallery were recorded on a 60.minute cassette tape, which was immediately played and recorded together with all the other sounds on another tape recorder. In that way the 48th and last tape contained all the sounds that had occurred in the gallery during the entire performance, layer upon layer, distorted and re-formed through time and space. Actions and installation were determined by the tape being played, that is, but what the artist did the hour and hours before. As with the sounds the installation and actions grew, hour by hour, into a more complex and layered form.


serial_1 serial_liggande