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MEDBORGARCENTRUM was a collaborative project between the artists Anders Krüger and Thomas Liljenberg. They propose to develop a new public building, a Citizen Center in conjunction with Vårbyskolan, the existing Junior High School, centrally located in Vårby gård. The project started in 2002 and gradually developed in close dialogue with different people in Vårbygård and Huddinge County: inhabitants of Vårby gård, local polititians, the headmaster of Vårbyskolan Stefan Frohm, city planner Galip Bozkurt and many others. Medborgarcentrum was based on a vision of culture and learning as the heart and future of Vårby gård, and proposed a transformation of the present Junior High School into a culture and learning institute for all citizens of the community. The new public building would contain a combined public and school library, the International Children´s Museum, a citizen’s office, and a café and meeting place for students and all other visitors. The proposed new building is designed as a transparent contemporary architectural structure, adding a long needed updating of the 1970’s concrete esthetics of Vårby gård.




Medborgarcentrum is a architectural, social and political re-formulation of the present center of Vårby gård. The project is a challenging offer to the County polititians, and has initiated a vital and necessary discussion about the future of Vårby gård. The various stages of Medborgarcentrum was presented on several occasions and invited the public to participate in the process of planning for the future of their community. In the beginning of 2004, Medborgarcentrum was presented along with an architectural scale model at ”Demokratiforum”, a political forum organized by County polititians and citizens of Vårby gård. Liljenberg and Krüger have included in their project team; architect Erik Stenberg, city planner / Imam Galip Bozkurt, and model builder Lars Svensson.


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