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KAC (kistaartcity)



KAC (kistaartcity)

KAC was a platform for participatory art, teaching, research, and experiment with subjects related to public space and contemporary art practices. The project was initiated in 2005 by Thomas Liljenberg and Bo Samuelsson and was completed in 2017.

KAC was located in Rinkeby-Kista, one of Stockholm’s most expansive suburbs regarding to business, research and urban development. At the same time Rinkeby-Kista is one of the most segregated urban areas in Sweden. Here international businesses, research and urban development exist – next door to segregation and social problems. Thereby Rinkeby-Kista illustrates in many ways the division in society, in which different socioeconomic worlds are woven together and where the residents are separated from one another by invisible walls.

A fundamental thought behind the project was that art can play a more prominent role in the development and understanding of the city. Not primarily as traditional public art – but as an autonomous opportunity for citizens to recreate, experiment and rethink the city and society as a collective, shared work. The questions that arose within the project was thereby intimately connected with the individuals’ democratic “right” to live, express themselves, use and influence the shaping of the city and their own identity..

The project took the form of workshops, collective artworks, city walks and pedagogical projects in which artists and local players could explore, reconstruct and discuss site and space within the framework of a collaborative artistic practice. A process in which the art project itself served as a delimited model for society and collective community. The result was further communicated in exhibitions, or as public art, in publications and seminars.

KAC operated as an independent art project since its inception in 2005, within the framework of the non-profit-driven association Kulturkontoret. By November 2008 the project received financial support from the fund Innovativ kultur and local esate owners in Kista. Between 2009-2014 KAC ran the project Street Corner Talking, a variable Public Art work at Jan Stenbeck’s Square in Kista.  Between 2011 – 2013 KAC participated in the development of the project Performing Structure, in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and the Department for Computer and System Science at Stockholm University. In 2011 KAC also received support from the Swedish Government foundation Kulturbryggan for developing the project A Model for a Qualitative Society and in 2013 for the project DU – Dialogue for urban development. KAC Homepage>>