t f u l



Lectures at Pernby School of Painting and The College of Printmaking Arts in Stockholm, 2020–2021.


Participating in OEI # 86–87 with a presentation of Firework.

OEI # 86–87 is bringing together contributions from circa 130 publishing structures, publishing communities, magazines, small press endeavors, artists, poets, writers, editors, theoreticians, curators, scholars, and art bookstores, OEI # 86–87 reflects upon the challenges, pressures and possibilities of publishing and creating publics in different contexts and places in a time of far-reaching – economical, medial, political, social, technological – transformations. Info>>


Participating in OEI # 86–87: publishing practices, publishing poetics at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm.


Lectures at The College of Printmaking Arts in Stockholm, 2019–2020.


Lectures at Pernby School of Painting in Stockholm.


EXPERIMENT WITH DREAMS: Performance av Hanna Chawki & Cia Runesson, at GIBCA Extended/Göteborgs International Biennal for Contemporary, 18/10 kl. 18.30. Chawki & Runesson gör sin egen tolkning av Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenbergs konstverk/bok Experiment With Dreams. Info>>


Concludes the position as principal at The College of Printmaking Arts in Stockholm (2012–2018).


FIREWORK EDITION (Thomas Liljenberg/Leif Elggren) presentation in connection with REDIGERA FREDAG. Andra publiceringsvägar, andra publiceringsvärldar. Moderna Museet, Stockholm. Info>>


EXPERIMENT WITH DREAMS, by Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg. IX Shiryaevo Biennale of Contemporary Art, Shiryaevo, Russia and Serious Collision Investigation Unit Coalition, NCCA, Moskva, Russia. Info>> and in connection with GIBCA, Göteborgs International Biennal for Contemporary Art. Info>>


6 VERK. Box for Kalmar Konstmuseum, with catalogues, photos, posters and 7″ vinyl, documenting following projects: Konstant arbete i 48 timmar (Galleri Mors Mössa, Göteborg 1982), Gamla vattentornet i Linköping/Tower of water/Gallery of water (Gamla vattentornet i Linköping 1984), Någonting som är större än vad det är (Galleri Mors Mössa, Göteborg 1984), Grand Hotel/Vi hyr ett rum men bor inte i det (Grand Hotel, Stockholm 1984), Vaktombyte (Stockholms slott 1986) and Någon hyr ett rum och vi bor i det (Kalmar Konstmuseum 2010).

In collaboration with Leif Elggren, CM von Hausswolff and Erik Pauser.


Participates in DELIBERATION, REPRESENTATION, EGUITY: Research Approaches, Tools and Algorithms for Participatory Processes. Book edited by Love Ekenberg, Karin Hansson, Mats Danielson, Göran Cars et al.

AUTHORS: Love Ekenberg, Karin Hansson, Mats Danielson, Göran Cars, M. Bruce Beck, Joost Buurman, Manilla Ernst, Tobias Fasth, Rebecca Forsberg, Johanna Gustavsson-Fürst, Karin E. Hansson, Petter Karlström, Aron Larsson, Thomas Liljenberg, Hans Liljenström, Adina Marincea, Adriana Mihai, Florence Nameere Kivunike, Mona Riabacke, Willmar Sauter, Uno Svedin, Michael Thompson, Francis Frederick Tusubira, Harko Verhagen and Måns Wrange. (Open Book Publishers, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2017) ISBN: 9781783743049. Info>>


Participates in UNDER ONE SKY, Dianxi Science and Technology Normal University, Liancang, China. 6/11 – 23/12, 2016. Info>>


New update KAC website. Info>>


THESE TREES ARE MAGNIFICENT – sociala interventioner, projekt och metoder. A photo-essay, documenting projects performed in Stockholm, Rinkeby-Kista, Husby, Vårby gård, AnaCapri, Fittja, Alby, Säffle and Göteborg, 2002–2015.


Participates in Bokrelease: ARCHIVE of VISION and ACTIONS. Contemporary Art from Sweden. 12/02, kl. 15.30–19.30. MODERNA MUSEET, Stockholm


Participates in ARTISTS’ BOOKS SALONG at HUSBY KONSTHALL, 21 nov – 6 dec 2015. Info>>


Participates in MELLAN KONST OCH RUM, in RUM magazine about art and architecture. Info>>


ECTOPLASMA (GOOD GOD). A new book on Firework Edition by Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg. Documenting a photographical sessions from 1993–1995. Paperbacked. Size 185 x 115 mm. ISBN 978 91 87066 48 1


Participates in the book ARCHIVE of VISIONS and ACTIONS: Contemporary Art from Sweden. Fabrica, Italy. ISBN: 978-88-98764-67-9.

An extraordinary collection that brings together the works of 200 Swedish artists united in the name of creativity and commitment. Artists from the older generations, modernists, postmodernists and young activists but, also, those grew up or began their artistic activity in other parts of the world and have found a new home in Sweden. A brave collection that, with energy and generosity, and in the name of equality, participation and freedom, also embraces thorny issues like the lack of equal rights, the ecological challenge, loneliness, alienation. In perfect harmony with the culture of a country that has always advanced in the direction of wellbeing, social security, the creation of a strong sense of community.  Info>>


Participates in the exhibition Imago Mundi/MAP of THE NEW ART, Fondazione Giorgione Cini, Venice. Aug 31 – Nov 1, 2015. Info>> and more Info>>


Assigned for an new period as headmaster at The College of Printmaking Arts (Grafikskolan) in Stockholm. Info>>


Participates in PERFORMING THE COMMON/Föreställningen om det gemensamma. En bok om ett konst- och forskningsprojekt i Husby, Rinkeby-Kista. Fredagen 20 mars kl 19-21, Konstfrämjandet, Swedenborgsgatan 1, Stockholm. Info>>


Participates in PERFORMING THE COMMON. Revolver Publishing, Berlin

A new book published on the occasion of the exhibition Performing the Common [Föreställningar om det gemensamma] at Husby Konsthall and Moderna Museet in Stockholm 2012

EDITOR: Karin Hansson
AUTHORS: Love Ekenberg, Åsa Andersson Broms, Karin Hansson, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Nils Claesson and Thomas Liljenberg.
ARTISTS AND RESEARCHERS: Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Karin Hansson, Thomas Liljenberg, Stefan Rusu, Shakir Attiyah, Per Hasselberg, Nils Claesson, Shiva Anoushivani, Åsa Andersson Broms, Aron Larsson, Love Ekenberg, Göran Cars, Soia Wiberg, Sven Einarsson, Anna Hesselgren, Ingrid Jansson, Siri Tolander, Greta Weibull, Shida Shahabi, Patricia & Natalia Aramburu, Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas with Giacomo Castagnola, Daniela Lazoroska, Mirko Lempert, Nathalie Wuerth, Rut Karin Zettergren, Ami Kohara, Valentin Brutaru and Jacquelyn Davis. Info>>



A new box/multiple on Firework Edition by Thomas Liljenberg and Leif Elggren, collecting / archiving the artefacts emanating from the books IDOL (1993) and Experiment With Dreams (1996)

GOOD GOD, postcard (1994)
CUNT 69, a collection of poems by Charles Bukowski, book (2001)
Booklet for the exhibition Experiment with Dreams (1996)
PARTIET, a box with a collection of material around The Party (1994)
THE ANSWERS, book (1999)
Zzzz…, CD (1996)
9.11, CD (1999)
THE PARTY, CD (1999)
CUNT 69, CD (2007)
IDOL, book (1993)


Size 192 x 254 x 117 mm
Limited edition of 40 copies


Completion of public work and project Street Corner Talking. Info and documentation>>


Completion of the project DU – Dialogue for urban development 

DU was all about the city and common spaces. About citizens’ right to use and influence their city. About openings and boundaries. And about the role of art in public spaces

The project took place in four different locations in greater Stockholm: Slussen in central Stockholm, the districts of Rinkeby-Kista and Husby and the suburb Botkyrka south of the city. In each of the places various sub-projects was developed in dialogue with residents, associations and local authorities. Altogether over one hundred people participated in the activities which include workshops, city walks, public artwork, publications and exhibitions.


Ad #02 in the newspaper NORRA SIDAN for HUSBY164/DU-Dialogue for urban development.


Excursion and workshop #02 in the project HUSBY164/DU.


Ad #01 in the newspaper NORRA SIDAN for HUSBY164/DU – Dialogue for urban development.


MODEL FOR A TRANSPARENT ART INSTITUTION, installation and workshop in connection with THE NEW BIENNIAL FOR ART and ARCHITECTURE in Botkyrka. Info>>


Excursion and workshop DU/Husby164. HUSBY164 är ett delprojekt inom ramarna för DU – Dialog för urban utveckling. I projektet sker i form av exkursioner och workshops där boende och konstnärer tillsammans undersöker plats och identitet i stadsdelarna Husby, Akalla och Kista. Resultatet publiceras i form av annonser i tidningen Norra Sidan.



The New Biennial for Art and Architecture in Botkyrka opens on Saturday the 13th of September, at Botkyrka konsthall in Tumba and in Fittja, with a focus on the intersection between contemporary art and architecture en route to a new art institution… More info>>

Participating artist and architects:
Mats Andersson (Sweden), Ayhan Aydin (Sweden), Johanna Billing (Sweden), DK-CM (UK/Portugal), Döne Delibas (Sweden), Derek Gripper (South Africa), Mako Ishizuka (Japan/Sweden), Junior Residence (Sweden), Aron Kullander-Östling (Sweden), Kultivator (Sweden), Thomas Liljenberg (Sweden), Tor Lindstrand (Sweden), Elena Mazzi (Italy), Militza Monteverde (Sweden), Lorenzo Nassimbeni (South Africa), OPENrestaurant (USA), Michael Orchard (South Africa), Jelena Rundqvist (Sweden), Bo Samuelsson (Sweden), Pia Sandström (Sweden), James Webb (South Africa), Jakob Wiklander (Sweden), Karl-Jonas Winqvist (Sweden), Steuart Wright (South Africa), Tarek Zaki (Egypt), and others


Participates in RESTAURERING AV INRE RUM, Charlottenburgs gård, Solna, 29 aug – 7 sep

Participating artist: 1900, Carl Abrahamsson, Karin Mamma Andersson, Anders Arhammar, Gunnel Boman, Andreas Brännström, Nadine Byrne, Mattias Bäcklin, Christer Chytraéus, Shibendra Dev, Henrik Ekesiöö, Leif Elggren och Thomas Liljenberg, Mattias Ericsson, Annika Eriksson, Åsa Ersmark, Douglas Feuk, Joakim Forsgren, Alberto Frigo, Gert Fylking, Anne Frank/Barbro Karlén, Felix Gmelin, Mikael Goralski, Jimmy Gustafsson, Jon Hulander, Jan Håfström, Sandra Isacsson, Lisa Jeannin och Rolf Schuurmans, Arijana Kajfes, Kanslibyrån, Anders Kappel, Lazze-Stefan, Ari Luostarinen, Maria Luostarinen och Maria Boij, Carinne Löfgren-Williams, Monika Marklinger, Lukas Marxt, Lotta Melin, Charlotta Mickelsson Abrahamsson, Helena Mutanen, Magdalena Nordin, Nina Nykvist, Ulf Olsson, Christoffer Paues, George Pfau, Lars Pommer Borenius, Bobi Prinz, Roger von Reybekiel, Viktor Rosdahl, Monica von Rosen, Aurél Schiller, Marja-leena Sillanpää, Jan Stenmark, Håkan Stergos Machlis, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Palle Torsson, Susanne Vollmer, Åsa M Waldau, Olav Westphalen, Malin Zimm, Lasse Åberg, Christine Ödlund and Markus Öhrn. Info>>


These trees are magnificent, but even more magnificent is the sublime and moving space between them, as though with their growth it too increased. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Uppstart projektet HUSBY164. Nio konstnärer, plats och gemensamt rum i stadsdelen Husby, Stockholm.


Participates in FRAMEWORK I. Insitu, Berlin

Participating artists: Sidsel Christensen, Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg, Kimmo Modig, novaMilne, Lea Porsager, Robert Steijn, The Telepathy Project. Info>>


Participates in MICROBIONIC: Radical electronic music & sound art in the 21st century; Thomas Bey William Bailey, Belsona Books publication, 2014. Info>>


Participates in SE UPP! – Slussen en hjärtefråga, Grafiska Sällskapet, Stockholm.


Stockholms Stadsmuseum dokumenterar affischerna i projektet Slussen en hjärtefråga till sina samlingar


DU – Dialog för urban utveckling/SLUSSEN EN HJÄRTEFRÅGA, på Södermalm, Kungsholmen, Östermalm och närförorter

Participating artists: Åsa Kvissberg, Cecilia Enberg, Åsa Andersson, Nina Kerola, Hasse Linderoth, Annette Hammarén, Amalia Årfelt, Eva Spikbacka, Christer Themptander, Maria Lindström, Thomas Liljenberg, Anton Wiraeus, Katerina Mistal, Ann Lillqvist, Eva Beierheimer, Kristina Stark, Agnes Kern, Alex Qwarnström, August Håkansson, Eleonore Holm, Hanna Cantillana Wiklund, Jelizaveta Savtjukova, Jessica Odelvall, Jocelyn van Daal , Maja Thunberg , Niklas Hammarsten, Ossian Ohlsson, Ronja Koman, Amy Lönn, Damla Kilickiran, Elina Birkehag, Filip Ström, Jonas Rönnberg, Max Green Ekelin, Paulina Granat, Signe Collmo, Emelie Gårdeler, Jonas Andrén, Kelly Lansman, Matilda Flodmark, Matilda Kenttilä, My Longly, Robin Smeds Mattila, Tommy Mäkinen, Jan Ohlin, Allan Söderman, Matts Husser, Nicos Tersiz och August Håkansson.


Participates in SLUSSEN EN HJÄRTEFRÅGA, exhibition at Kulturtavlorna, Stockholm.


Stadsvandring i projektet DU/Slussen 2014.


SCT: #07 – Landscape painting (democratic).


DU – Dialogue for urban development.


Participates in Seminarium Konsthögskolan, Stockholm / SLUSSEN 2013.


Street Corner Talking # 07. Workshop Kista, i samarbete med Husby konst & hantverksförening.


Projektet DU – Dialog för urban utveckling får stöd från Kulturbryggan. Info>>


BURDEN & MASTERS catalogue available for download. Info>>


All numbers of Appendix available for download. Info>>

Appendix was a webb-magazine and printed matter by Thomas Liljenberg and Leif Elggren, published between the years 2009–10. A total of three issues was released during the period. Appendix was available free of charge, to be downloaded over the net or as a printed journal, distributed only at selected locations in Stockholm.


glocalsiteswop. Fältinspelning och social interaktion. Info>>


KONST OCH SOCIALA INTERAKTIONER, gästföreläsning på Villa San Michele, Anacapri, Italien.


18/06 –07/07/2013
Guest studio/apartment at VILLA SAN MICHELE, Anacapri, Italy.


New update KAC webbsite.


Curating an participates in DU – DIALOGUE FOR URBAN DEVELOPMENT. Info>>


Rundabordssamtal med INNOVATIV KULTUR och KULTURBRYGGAN på Dramatiska Högskolan, Stockholm.


Guest Subject Teacher Carl Malmsten – Furniture Studies>>


Participates in WEAVING POLITICS, Artists’ Books exhibition at Dansens Hus, Stockholm 14–16.12.12


Participates in STOCKHOLMSPROJEKTEN. Seminar at Marabouparken, 15–18. Info>>


Two years scholarship from THE SWEDISH ARTS GRANTS COMMITTEE.


Inducted to FRIKS Board committee.


Participates in INTERSPACE AND REVERSE WALKING. Seminar at Husby Konsthall, 12.09.18. 18.00 – 20.00. Info>>


New update STREET CORNER TALKING #06: Kista City in connection with the exhibition Performing the Common / The New Kista Science City Model at Husby Konsthall and Moderna Museet, Stockholm.


THE NEW KISTA SCIENCE CITY MODEL (in conjunction with Performing the Common, exhibition at Husby konsthall and Moderna Museet, Stockholm).


Participates in PERFORMING THE COMMON, Husby konsthall and Moderna Museet.

Participating artists: Stefan Rusu, Anna Hasselgren, Shiva Anoushirvani, Thomas Liljenberg, Johanna Gustavsson Fürst, Nils Claesson, Per Hasselberg, Shakir Attiyah, Åsa Andersson Broms, Karin Hansson, Shida Shahabi, Siri Tollander, Ingrid Jansson, Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Giacomo Castagnola, Daniela Lazoroska, Mirko Lempert, Nathalie Wuerth, Rut Karin Zettergren, Ami Kohara, Valentin Brutaru, Jacquelyn Davis, Greta Weibull, Patricia & Natalia Arambutu. Info>>




Assigned to the mission as Principal/Artistic Director at College of Printmaking Arts/Grafikskolan i Stockholm.


Participates in SPACE AND SPECTACLE, seminar at Stockholm university.


Participates in FYLOOPS. One-sided LP in white vinyl with 360 locked grooves by Fylkingen artists. FYLP 1033, 2013.


Participates in BOREDCAST. AV Festival, UK. Info>>


STREET CORNER TALKING #05 – Revisited, Kista.


Guest Subject Teacher Beckmans College of Design>>


Guest Subject Teacher Carl Malmsten – Furniture Studies>>


Participates in UKW Artists’ Books. Market and Supermarket, Stockholm


STREET CORNER TALKING (SCT) is a variable text and lighting installation at Jan Stenbecks torg, Kista.

The piece consists of a 16 x 4.5 metre long large glass wall that covers the entire corner of Kista Galleria facing out towards Jan Stenbecks torg. SCT was initiated in november 2009 and will be changed and updated with new texts and images until december 2011. SCT #05: The LED-lights behind the glass wall is programmed with a frequency that affects the human optic nerve. Best experience of the work can be obtained standing at the tip of the triangle that is marked out in the paving on the ground floor and with the eyes closed for at least three minutes. Some visitors’ reactions: – I see circles in red and green… – Rotating color patterns that grow outward… – I see a spiral galaxy in my left eye… – Pulsating spots in red…


Premiär SCT #05, Jan Stenbecks torg, Kista.


New update STREET CORNER TALKING, 22 december. 18.00. Jan Stenbecks torg, Kista.


KAC/A MODEL FOR A QUALITATIVE SOCIETY presenteras på Vad är estetik i skolan?, Boulevardteatern, 29 november kl. 18.00–20.00


Participates in The Nightmare of Participation. Seminar at Performing Structure, DSV, Kista.


KAC/A MODEL FOR A QUALITATIVE SOCIETY presenteras på Skolforum, Älvsjömässan.


Guest Subject Teacher at Carl Malmsten – Furniture Studies.


Participates in PERFORMING DEMOCRACY: The Art of Organizing Collective Meaning. Seminar at the Department of Computer & Systems Sciences at Stockholm University, Kista 14 september 2011.


6 VERK 1982–2010 Leif Elggren, CM v. Hausswolff, Thomas Liljenberg and Erik Pauser. New box containing photos, exhibition catalogues, posters and 7″ vinyl.


RUDERAT – KAC excursion #08.


Participates in ISEA 2011. Symposium, Istanbul Info>>


Kulturbryggan ger startstöd till utställningsprojektet ”A Model for a Qualitative Society – an exhibition for those who are playing.”


OUT OF CONTEXT: öppen exkursion/stadsvandring. Tid: onsdagen den 29 juni. Plats: entrén Kista Science Tower, kl. 17.00.


Premiär för Street Corner Talking #04, onsdagen den 22 juni, kl. 17.00. Info>>



Guest Subject Teacher at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, mars–maj 2011.


Guest Subject Teacher at Beckmans College of Design.


Participates in Vad är estetik i skolan? seminar at Boulevardteatern, Stockholm


Workshop A MODEL…, Tensta 4 maj 2011.


Participates in IMAC 2011–The Unheard Avantgarde. Copenhagen. Info>>


DEVIANT STUDIES in CITYPLANNING. New CD by Thomas Liljenberg & Bo Samuelsson. Firework Edition Records/Kista Art City. DEVIANT STUDIES … is released in conjunction with the project KAC (Kista Art City) and is based on sound recordings from Kista-Husby and Vårby gård in Stockholm.


ARTIST BOOKS KULTURHUSET. Fredag 18/2 kl 18 – 19 Pågår 18/2 – 19/2. Bibliotek Plattan, Kulturhuset, Sergels torg, Stockholm

Böcker och tidskrifter från OEI Editör, Axl Books, Print Press Editions / Grafikskolan i Stockholm, Irrlicht och Firework Edition. Artist Books presenteras i samband med galleri Dktus utställning för Supermarket, i Kulturhusets trapphall.  Info>>


Participates in Performing Democracy: The Art of Organizing Collective Meaning a research project at the Department of Computer & Systems Sciences at Stockholm University about art and common space. In collaboration with Karin Hansson and Johanna Gustavsson Furst.


One month ed. for Konstfrämjandets blog.


Street Corner Talking: PUSH and PULL – An Urban Comedy for Allan Kaprow. Vernissage den 29 november 2010, kl. 19.00. Plats: Kista Galleria/Jan Stenbecks torg. Läs mer>>


PUSH  and PULL – An Urban Comedy for Allan Kaprow, workshop and performance, Husby. In collaboration with MEGAFONEN, Husby.




Den 3 september invigdes det nybyggda Jan Stenbecks torg . Street Corner Talking av Thomas Liljenberg och Bo Samuelsson utgör ett markant inslag i det sammanhang som utgörs av torget, Kista Galleria och kringliggande arkitektur. Glasväggen vänder sig ut mot torget och Torsnäsgatan och kan ses från vägar och tunnelbana. Uppdateringen RÄTTVISA är producerad i samarbete med Byrån För Lika Rättigheter i Kista.




”Någon hyr ett rum och vi bor i det”. Leif Elggren, CM v. Hausswolff, Thomas Liljenberg och Erik Pauser. Vernissage den 4 september kl. 14.00. Frimurarhotellet i Kalmar, Larmtorget 2, Kalmar. (I samband med ”Svensk konceptkonst”, Kalmar Konstmuseum). För mer info>>


Street Corner Talking: RÄTTVISA. Vernissage torsdagen den 2 september 2010, kl. 19.00. Plats: Kista Galleria/Jan Stenbecks torg, Kista.


Participates in SWEDISH CONCEPTUAL ART, exhibition at  Kalmar konstmuseum. Info>>


Thomas Liljenberg and Bo Samuelsson initiates collaboration with the Office for Equal Rights in Kista (Byrån För Lika Rättigheter i Kista) for the next update of Street Corner Talking (SCT). The Office for Equal Rights is an anti-discrimination agency located in Kista, Stockholm, working to provide advice and support to individuals who find themselves victims of discrimination. Next update is expected to August 2010.


Participates in COMMUNITY ART, öppet samtal mellan Thomas Liljenberg och Per Hasselberg (Konsthall C). SO-Stockholm, fredag 11 mars, kl. 19.00.


KAC presenteras på Innovativ kultur, 25 feb. kl. 13.00.


KAC SHOP. KAC introduces a SHOP for various products and multiples associated with KAC and Kista. First out is a serie of T-shirts with prints. The shirts is available in one size (Large) and one color (orange).


TOP SECRET (HEMLIGSTÄMPLAT) by Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg is a new box on satumaa*kustantmo in collaboration with the Modern Museum, Stockholm. TOP SECRET (HEMLIGSTÄMPLAT) was released on 20th December 2009 at the Modern Museum in Stockholm. Curated by Marja-leena Sillanpää www.myspace.com/marjaleenasillanpaa / www.myspace.com/satumaakustantamo.


FIREWORK APPENDIX, a webb-magazine and printed matter by Thomas Liljenberg and Leif Elggren

The first item of Appendix was lauched in october 2009. Appendix is available free of charge and can be downloaded at Firework Edition. There you also find information on where to find printed items of Appendix

Appendix is necessary; fantastic; fearless; sovereign; intelligent; non-commercial; commercial; dreamlike; political; headless – and therefore absolutely free of charge. Appendix is a crying voice in the desert, anonymous and unknown, innocent and lost, confused and gone with a  wind, like dust, like small bushes, like an open car alone in the rain, like smoke, like a burning house, like a burning head, like you, like me, like everything that calculate similarity, loyalty, that calculate fear and what comes with that; people and beasts and all that crawls and run around in the night…


Inauguration of STREET CORNER TALKING, november 23, 2009 in Kista

Street Corner Talking (SCT), is a 16 x 4.5 meter large light- and text-based public artwork. The glass wall is situated in the newly built Kista Galleria, in the corner facing Jan Stenbecks square. Visually SCT is based on the interplay between text and light. The glass wall facing the square is covered with a replaceable film with cut out text. In the space between the glass surface and the inner wall is an installation of 300 LED lights creating a shifting play of lights where the text appears shining in different colors. The texts and the film are continually updated in dialog with the context, thereby creating a constantly current and ongoing work.


Participates in GATE – Greenland Park Art & Technology Event. Workshop and exhibition, Kista, September 10th, 2009.


Curating THE CITY & THE FUTURE, exhibition and project at Kista Science Tower. In collaboration with Bo Samuelsson, May 2009

The City & the Future takes place in collaboration with Thorildsplans Gymnasium (upper secondary school). During the spring of 09 students at Thorildsplans Gymnasium will work with Kista-Husby as a starting point for analyses and thinking about urbanity and urban development. KAC will carry out city walks and workshops with students, as well as arrange and participate in the exhibition that the school will make of the project in Kista Science Tower in May 2009.


Participates in Episode #8 of THE BELSONA ACADEMY (ed. Thomas Bey William Bailey).


Participates in SMILING THROUGH MY TEETH. CD, curated/edited by Vicki Bennett. Info>>


Workshop THE CITY & THE FUTURE with students from Thorildsplans gymnasium. In collaboration with Bo Samuelsson, Kista Science Tower.


Participates in reference-group, GÅ ÖVER ÅN. Public Art project, Västerås Art Museum, Västerås. Info>>


Participates in CORPORATE MENTALITY. Book by Aleksandra Mir and John Kelsey, 2003. Lukas & Sternberg Inc. 
New York. ISBN: 0-9711193-1-7

Corporate Mentality documents the emergence of recent practices within a cultural sphere occupied by both business and art. Based on an archive (1995-2001) maintained by Aleksandra Mir, it presents a diverse spectrum of artists who take on business as site, as material, and as subject of their work. Calling for a reassessment of the function of art in late-capitalist society, Corporate Mentality focuses on the complex and ambiguous ways artistic production inhabits corporate processes, abandoning the autonomy of the artwork, in order to elaborate resistant approaches to a world increasingly determined by commercial strategies and market concerns. (John Kelsey, Corporate Mentality, 2003). Info>>


Conclusion of the project DIRECT, in collaboration with Hans Andrén, Stockholm, Kista, Alby, Vårby gård och Tensta,  Sweden (with support from ESF/European Social Fund).



Curating HAIGHA SOPHIA, in collaboration with Bo Samuelsson, Vårby gård, Sweden (with support from Companion, Stockholm).


Conducting workshop CULTURAL INFRASTRUCTURE. In collaboration with Bo Samuelsson, Interactive Institute, Kista, Stockholm.


Guest Subject Teaches (sound and text) at the University in Böö, Norway.


Lectures and seminaries on Public Art, at Västerås Art Museum, Västerås, Sweden.


Workshop and seminarie at Kista Science Tower, Kista.


Participate in PROJECTED, Artist Books exhibition, MACBA, Barcelona, Spanien.


Releases CUNT &), CD (together with Elggren), Firework Edition Records.


Final report K>SE, reserch project, Chalmers/KK-stiftelsen, Gothenburg/Stockholm (in collaboration with Ingegerd Green and Hans Andrén).


Slutrapport utvärdering av Säffle Operan, Säffle kommun.


Final report for KUNSKAPSRESAN, project for the Municipal of Säffle, Sweden (in collaboration with Ingegerd Geen).


DIRECT presentation at Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm. Lectures with Erik Stenberg, Thomas Liljenberg and Mona Sahlin.


Conducting workshop for Urban Design (in collaboration with Hans Andrén), Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm.


Curating Scandinavian contribution in ARTSTARS, exhibitions at Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg and Place de Hôtel de Ville Paris, Paris.


DIRECT/OMVÄRLD (“OUTSIDE WORLD”) – OM-Direct: A group of 18 cultural workers: artists, designers, filmmakers, actors and architects developed strategies and tasks related to analysis of the world around them. The projects being developed within OM-Direct took the form of films, Community Gardens, architecture and design.

Participating artists: Ibrahim ElKarim, Michael Ellborg, Sofia Häyhtiö, Anna Henriksson, PG Hylén, Frédéric Iriarte, Britta Kleen, Gunilla Larsén, Fredrika Linder, Lucas Lund, Henrik Lörstad, Per Milstam, Cecilia Parsberg, Martha Podell, Helena Riverstål, Bo Samuelsson, Per Stadigh, Johan Stone och Peter Svedberg.


DIRECT/Sommaruniversitet, Vårby gård. I samarbete med Hans Andrén och Olof Molinder.

Sommaruniversitet i Vårby gård är en heltidsutbildning för konstnärer och pågår perioden maj–augusti. Utbildningen bedrivs som utbildning i produktion. Deltagarna tar med sig egna projekt eller företag in i utbildningen. Deltagarna tar med sig verkliga problem till utbildningstillfällena för att få dem lösta. Utbildningens syfte är att öka deltagarnas förmåga att initiera, genomföra och utvärdera projekt och företag. I utbildningen ingår projektledare utbildning som leder till certifikat enligt IPMA, nivå D samt utbildning i nätverksanalys. Seminarier och laborationer varvas med produktion och självstudier.  Utbildare: Olof Molinder, Svenskt projektforum, Thomas Liljenberg, Direct, Hans Andrén, Direct.


DIRECT/BO I TENSTA (“Live in Tensta”). In collaboration with Hans Andrén, Erik Stenberg and Karma Resurscenter för kvinnor.

Bo i Tensta developed models for analysis of needs and social mobilization in relation to rebuilding of apartments in so-called “miljonprogram” areas (suburbs densely built up in the 1960s and -70s) under the name of Bo i Tensta. The point of departure was the concept “Recycle the miljonprogram. Individual solutions for everyone” outlined by Erik Stenberg, architect SAR/MSA.


DIRECT/POLITIKER-LAB, Finn Malmgrens plan, Hammarbyhöjden. In collaboration with Hans Andrén. Öppet samtal med lokala politiker, aktivister och boende i stadsdelen Hammarbyhöjden, Stockholm. Modererat av Thomas Liljenberg och Hans Andrén.

Politiker-Lab was a task concerned with social mobilization in Hammerbyhöjden, a suburb south of Stockholm. The project invited initiators from business, cultural and community sectors in the area of Finn Malmgrens plan. Seminars, workshops, exhibitions and networking meetings pave the way for initiatives, projects, assignments, to partners, to sounding boards and to funding.


Initiating DIRECT in collaboration with Hans Andrén, Stockholm, Botkyrka, Tensta and Vårby gård. (With support from ESF/European Social Fund).


Curating for ARTSTARS, at Abbey de Neumünster, Luxembourg.

Curators: Diana Baldon, Portugal/Spanien. Karel Cisar, Slovakien. Solvida Krese, Litauen. Thomas Liljenberg, Sverige/Finland/Danmark. Efi Michalarou, Grekland/Cypern. Livia Paldi, Ungern. Legor Rodnar, Slovenien. Alex Reding, Frankrike/Tyskland/Luxembourg. Judith Reichart, Österike. Aneta Szylak, Polen. Rob Tunnel, UK/Irland. Nathalie Zonnenberg, Belgien.

Artists: Sven Augustijnen, Belgien. Zbyneck Baladran, Tjeckien. Filipa Cesar, Portugal. Nicolas Chardon, Frankrike. Savvas Christodoulides, Cypern. Elene Christodoulou, Grekland. Ellen Nyman, Danmark. Leif Elggren, Sverige. Vadim Fishkin, Slovenien. Alex Frost, UK. Crisps Gelzis, Litauen. Iréne Hug, Tyskland. Anna Jermolaewa, Österrike. Grzegorz Klaman, Polen. Germaine Kruip, Frankrike. Mindaugas Lukosaitis, Litauen. Marko Mäetamm, Estland. Mark Mangion, Malta. Sandron Nicolette, Italien. Boris Ondreicka, Slovakien. Colectivo El Pero, Spanien. Pink Twins, Finland. Adam Somali-Fischer, Ungern. Padraig Timonen, Irland. Charles Wenning de Ownyourown, Luxembourg.


CUNT 69, new CD in collaboration with Leif Elggren, Firework Edition Records 1063, Stockholm.


ADORNO, performace (together with Bergmark/Melin/Dezy), Fylkingen, Stockholm.


Participates in MUSIC OVERHEARD. CD (Compilation), curated by Kenneth Goldsmith, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston


Participates in FILM FYLKINGEN, screening at Fylkingen, Stockholm.


Participates in ERASE AND REWINDexhibition, Bukowskis, Stockholm.


URBAN DESIGN, seminar at Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm.


Participates in HUMAN WORK, exhibition (curated by Andrea Hvistendahl), Galleri 44, Stockholm.


Receives the Swedish Association of Architects SA-PRIZE  for initiating and curating the project KULTURKONTORET I VÅRBY GÅRD.

SA-priset till konstnär: Konstnären Thomas Liljenberg har fått Stockholms Arkitektförenings pris för sitt arbete med Vårby Gård. Där har åtta konstnärer etablerat ”Kulturkontor” där de arbetar med socialt och demokratiskt relaterade platsspecifika projekt. Thomas Liljenberg har varit drivande i arbetet som sker i samarbete med lokala föreningar, politiker och skolan.

Juryns motivering: SA-priset 2005 går till konstnären Thomas Liljenberg, som med djärva angreppssätt vågat inverka och påverka utvecklingen av Vårby Gård. Genom att etablera ett ”Kulturkontor” i Stockholmsförorten Vårby Gård har åtta konstnärer kunnat arbeta kreativt med socialt och demokratiskt relaterade och platsspecifika projekt. I kontakt med lokala föreningar, politiker och skola har Thomas Liljenberg gjort en djupdykning i Vårby Gårds sociala strukturer. Ett arbete som legat till grund för beslut kring Vårby Gårds fortsatta utveckling. Som en starkt initiativtagande, influerande och påverkande person med ett brinnande intresse för att förändra och förbättra de miljöer som andra är rädda för att ta i, statuerar Thomas Liljenberg exempel. Vi vill med detta pris visa uppskattning för Thomas arbete med att med konsten som medel kunna främja lokala, kreativa och demokratiska processer i förorten. (Jury: Anders Bergkrantz, Johan Celsing, Mats Fahlander, Birgitta Kari, Stina Larsson, Helena Mattson, Cecilia Sagrén).


Conclusion of the project KULTURKONTORET I VÅRBY GÅRD (2002–2005)

Eight artists met the public, the site and politics in a project that investigated the borders of the role of art in public space. The project was initiated by artist Thomas Liljenberg in co-operation with ”Storstadssatsningen” (The Metropolitan Development Initiative) in Huddinge county, Sweden.


MEDBORGARCENTRUM (Citizen Center). A full-scale architectural proposal for a rebuilding/new center in Vårby gård, Huddinge county. In collaboration with Anders Krüger (artist) and Erik Stenberg (architect).

Medborgarcentrum is a architectural, social and political re-formulation of the present center of Vårby gård: a proposal for a new public building, a Citizen Center in conjunction with Vårbyskolan, the existing Junior High School, centrally located in Vårby gård. The project started in 2002 and gradually developed in close dialogue with different people in Vårbygård and Huddinge County: inhabitants of Vårby gård, local polititians, the headmaster of Vårbyskolan Stefan Frohm, city planner Galip Bozkurt and many others.

The project is a challenging offer to the County polititians, and has initiated a vital and necessary discussion about the future of Vårby gård. The various stages of Medborgarcentrum was presented on several occasions and invited the public to participate in the process of planning for the future of their community. In the beginning of 2004, Medborgarcentrum was presented along with an architectural scale model at ”Demokratiforum”, a political forum organized by County polititians and citizens of Vårby gård. Liljenberg and Krüger have included in their project team; architect Erik Stenberg, city planner / Imam Galip Bozkurt, and model builder Lars Svensson.


KULTURKONTORET I VÅRBY GÅRD på utflykt till Moderna Muséet i Stockholm.


BURDEN & MASTERS, solo exhibition at Kulturhuset Stockholm. 25 photos (210 x 297 mm), spotlights and 4 channel soundinstallation (60 min. loop).


Participates in MOTSTÅND/RESISTANCE/MOMA MÖTER MODERNA 1960–2000, exhibition at Moderna Museet, Stockholm. (Moderna Museet in collaboration with MOMA, New York).


THE ANSWERS, book release at Printed Matter, New York.


THE ANSWERS, a new book by Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg, Firework Edition, Stockholm.


TWO THIN EATING ONE FAT, a new CD by Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg, Firework Edition Records, Stockholm.


EXPERIMENT WITH TIME, a new CD by Thomas Liljenberg, Firework Edition Records, Stockholm.


CHAPTER VII, a new book by Thomas Liljenberg, Firework Edition, Stockholm.